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Health insurance, which provider?

  • 14-12-2017 8:14pm
    Registered Users Posts: 140 ✭✭ sushmita

    Hi all,

    I am under Vhi insurance plan (hospital plan) until the end of the year.
    From next year my company won't pay for the insurance, I am currently on a long illness program and they don't pay for benefits in this case. At least they don't do that until I get back to work, but I don't know when this will happen yet.
    I was thinking of paying the health insurance on my own, hopefully I'll be able to afford it. I'll need it considering that I am currently following a medical treatment and I'll need other medical appointments.
    However I don't think I'll continue with Vhi, as far as I know it's the most expensive company and to be honest I am with them just because my company was covering my plan. I haven't been very happy, in many occasions they didn't pay for certain alternative therapies when I was told that other health insurance companies do. Second reason, I think that they restrict too much the number of refundable medical visits or they refund too little money, or there is some excess to pay most times. Although I'm not sure how other companies behave in these cases.
    Based on your experience, could I please ask you which company you would recommend me?
    Thank you.