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Online Electronic and Computer Engineering Experience?

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    Hi All,

    Does anyone happen to have any experience in the following IT Sligo courses?

    Certificate in Electronics and Automation (Online)
    BEng in Electronic & Computer Engineering (Online)
    BEng (Hons) in Electronic & Computer Engineering (Online)

    I'm looking to make a career change over the next few years and am very interested in the courses and the flexibility online learning offers. I would like to study to honors level but am not sure of the quality of the content covered on the course. When compared to the full-time undergraduate Electronic and Computer Engineering courses there seems to be a lot left out, particularly on the electronics and physics side of things. Maybe it's been incorporated into other modules but it's not clear. Am worried about coming out with a degree that doesn't cover what a full-time student would and then having to compete with those students for jobs.

    I'm also interested in Mechatronics and have noticed a similar situation there.

    Does anybody know anything about the equivalence of the online degrees to the full-time ones? Or even if anyone has any other useful advice or experience with these courses or IT Sligo I'd really appreciate hearing from ye! They're asking for a fair bit of money at the end of the day!

    All the best!

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