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Revert thru Bios to On board graphics issue

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    W 7 : Motherboard Gigabyte GA-FA55M-HD2
    My PC is dead, can't complete post. I suspect a hardware issue. So diagnosis begins; The CPU fan runs and I hear the hard drive spinning up. No beeps. The monitor / cable good. The screen is dead so I cant access bios. There is a discreet Nvidia card fitted. To rule out failure of the Nvidia card I need to revert to the on board graphics via Bios. As the screen displays nothing how can I switch graphics ?
    I removed the Nvidia from the PCI and got a constant tone from the board. Also shorted jumpers on the board to clear CMOS settings to achieve default settings in the hope that it would revert to the integrated graphics. Nada !
    Dont wish to replace the board until I eliminate the Nvidia as causing the issue.
    Thoughts ?

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