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Some advice on dealing with competitive work environment

  • 05-12-2017 4:01pm
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    Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask if anyone knows where can I get some advice for dealing with stress at work. It messes up my brain and I can't function properly. Every job seems to be about higher targets and faster processing. I guess it's a given. This is Capitalism after all. Fair enough but I am struggling a bit with this. Does anyone know where can I get some advice that might help with stress? Thank you.


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    Some good advice is don't think about work when you're at home.
    Have a nice schedule for after work that involves socialising, pursuing personal interests, and relaxation. Dont think about work in the evening. Have a separate phone number to use at work and leave that phone in your desk drawer. Take regular annual leave and ensure work people are not able to contact you.
    If the workload gets so large that it's not possible to do it within your contracted hours, ensure your manager knows that this is his problem and not yours. If you do a favour for your boss by working late, be sure to agree compensation in advance (time in lieu or overtime).

    If none of this is possible and you're not able to cope, find a new job that would suit you better.

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    Have you considered a career change? Would that be possible for you? have a look at part time courses you might find interesting and speak to a guidance counsellor

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    Consider a lower stress work place like certain parts of the civil service?

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    Thank you for the replies. I think I really need to subscribe to a course rather than just trying to have a carrier change without training. Having some training might seem a luxury after 40 and it's hard to find the time and the money for it but it's necessary. Apart from all this, I believe that a competitive environment is not a way to get the best out of people. It only serves to promote bullying tendencies and narcissistic freaks.

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    Are you in sales?

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    Kind of. I was a designer and now I am working as a travel agent.

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    Are you making your targets enough to get by and keep your job? Or are the targets unrealistic?

    All you can control is your input, so make sure that you’re being your best you at work. Get proper rest, work out, keep your water and nutrition up. Maybe talking with a therapist could help you process the stress from work so you don’t feelover burdened?