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Tractor importing

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    Looking to import a tractor (New Holland or Case) from either the UK or Europe.

    There is value in the UK with the current favourable exchange rate and lower UK 20% tax rate (not VAT registered) but there appears to be much better value in Europe.

    Has anyone imported from Europe as I have never heard of anyone in southern Ireland doing this .... ? Is there a catch?


  • I was,like yourself,looking further afield to Germany/France, even Denmark, to import a tractor as prices are good. After a fair bit of research I couldn't see any reason not to buy. The biggest outlay besides buying the tractor was going to be transport. I was getting prices of anything between 1200 and 1900 from Nuremberg. The paperwork side of things seemed the same as a UK import.
    I have a habit of waiting until around Christmas to buy stuff when things are cheaper. You may find like I did that there are a few bargains to be had here in Ireland around this time of year.
    Good luck with the hunt.

  • I assume the warranty (if any) is the same as the UK import?

  • Manufacturers warranty does transfer through EU borders but that wasn't bothering me as I was down in the 2010-2012 bracket. Any garage warranty from the UK on a second hand tractor wouldn't be very broad. It covers the main things for a very limited period with the cost of transportation being incurred by you should the worst happen.

  • I had the same thought myself, be as handy get a tractor on the boat in france in rosslare or cork..

  • Hi. What web sites would ye use to source tractors around Europe. Looking for something around €10,000 _ 4 wheel drive with front loader. Just for general farm work. Am checking UK at the minute and just wondering if thete is better value further a field. Thanks.

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  • You sound like you are looking into the same deal as I am ...

    There does appear to be better value in Europe but more work in viewing it and transporting it over. There appears to be the same paperwork for clearance as the UK, but double check for yourself.

  • Agriaffaires and mascus are two more.

  • Dealer near me brought in a few New Hollands from France this year, he said it was a great success. One additional cost to factor in is the hitch - AFAIK mainland European tractors won't have a Dromone-type PUH fitted.

  • hi i was just wondering what are the savings on a tractor wort €15000 in mainland europe how much extra is it worth here in or around

    thanks thinking about buying a cs case out of europe

  • hi i was just wondering what are the savings on a tractor wort €15000 in mainland europe how much extra is it worth here in or around

    thanks thinking about buying a cs case out of europe

    I dont k ow the savings but id imagine you'd get a much cleaner tractor out of France due to the better Climate, less rain no salt on roads etc.. Plus your dealing in euro so its very easy value it, as of lafe the fluctuation in Sterling a good price today could be expensive in a fortnight.

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  • Wouldnt there be a language barrier?

  • Wouldnt there be a language barrier?

    No. All tractors speak a common language.... :P:D

  • Did any one imported from China?

  • Are you talking about a Chinese branded machine? If so, I looked into it. Not worth it. Price is not all that much cheaper when everything factored in than a budget brand from local dealer (Armatrac, etc) which will have warranty etc. You'd also lose hand over fist in depreciation. We are now looking at second hand machines.

    The tractor sellers in China on sites such as Alibaba are more geared towards selling to dealers who will be buying multiple machines. That being said, their smaller garden type tractors are okay. Many are imported into UK/EU and rebadged with whatever branding the importer wants to put on them.

    When I first contacted them, they wanted to know how many I wanted. Cost of shipping can be high too. I don't think they are there yet with mainstream farm sized tractors, so best avoided for the foreseeable future in my opinion. We are now looking at second hand Masseys as they are very popular and they won't depreciate much if you take care of them.