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Kids want to play music on demand - but I don't want phone/tablet

  • 21-11-2017 11:02am
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    The kids sometimes play YouTube videos on our phones if they feel like throwing their limbs about for five minutes ('dancing'). They are 7 and 4.

    Now they want a 'phone' or tablet for their room. But we really don't want Santa to go down that road yet because of all the other things they would have access to if they have a smartphone/tablet.

    What I'd like is a speaker/system that allowed them play music on demand.

    We have a bluetooth speaker in the kitchen but it needs input from a phone/computer. A friend has an Amazon Alexa - its capabilities are slightly terrifying but at least they could ask it to play Taylor Swift or whatever without needing to interact with a screen.

    Any other tech solutions that might do the job?