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Opinions on Terenure College?

  • 10-11-2017 7:36pm
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    this might not be the right section but the only section I was able to start a new thread.
    Our son was offered a place in Terenure College for next year and I am looking for some input on the school. We only moved to the area/to Dublin this summer and know nothing about it, in saying this it seems to be the only secondary school we can get him into.
    He is very sporty (more soccer than rugby) and very confident and outgoing. He speaks Fench and English. I have heard that playing Rugby is obligatory at the school and I think he will be ok with this but I really want to know what is the overrall vibe on the school?
    Thanks for any input.


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    Like any school, I am sure there are kids love it, kids hate it, most are probably neither one way or another about it. In terms of a child's success, your home plays a very important part.

    Here are the Department inspection reports for the school.


    Follow through inspection(.pdf)
    Evaluation of Management and Leadership(.pdf)
    Special Educational Needs (.pdf)
    Physical Education(.pdf)

    Read between the lines, particularly where it outlines 'recommendations' which is Department speak for 'this has to be done as it is not currently happening'.

    From looking at them, it looks like any other school, strong in some areas, not so in others.

    Where is he currently attending?
    Where are his friends going next year?

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    Hi, thanks so much for your reply and for sending on the report. Looks like a good school with a strong emphasis on all sports, not just Rugby.

    He is attending St. Pius and most his friends are going to Templeogue College - but they have a waiting list and it doesnt look like they are expanding/hiring more teachers so chances of getting in are extremely slim.

    Thanks again,


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    As a former pupil, rugby is not "obligatory", but they put the pressure on strongly. If he's any good at it but chooses not to play, he can expect to be harassed by priests and teachers to join in.

    I never wanted to play, but I was a heavy kid, so ideal for mowing down other kids. In the end, despite it being an extracurricular activity, I needed a note from my parents to excuse me from it on the basis of a knee injury that wouldn't respond well to rugby.

    But look, that's probably like most schools to one extent or another.

    As a former pupil, I would never send a child of mine to the school. More value was put on "school spirit", rugby and religion, than on actual learning. In hindsight I felt they did a really poor job of encouraging kids to follow their strengths - it was rugby or bust. They have things like video clubs, music clubs, drama clubs, etc, but most of these are small and alive only because of a couple of really interested pupils - teachers would rarely be out trying to get new members for these clubs. And anecdotally teachers would sometimes be wrapped on the knuckles for daring to promote any extracurricular activity that might clash with rugby training.

    Bear in mind though that I'm nearly 20 years gone, so they may have lightened up in that regard.

    But your son will probably do well, if sport is his thing.