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Shoelaces - anyone know what length Penneys' are?

  • 10-11-2017 4:32pm
    Registered Users Posts: 941 ✭✭✭ Fogmatic

    Penneys don't.

    I was in Letterkenny a few weeks ago, and while there I was looking out for a length of shoe/bootlaces I can't get locally. I popped into Penneys to ask, and was directed to the only laces they sold, a display of them (Penneys own), simply called 'Shoelaces' (all identical), with no indication of length. They were the type I was looking for (flat, black), and looked possibly my length, so I eventually found an assistant, who didn't know (guessed maybe they were "standard", whatever that is). And didn't know who at the shop might know.

    I didn't have the time to hang around and find anyone else to ask (and Letterkenny's a major expedition from my area), but a friend could probably pick some up for me (and buying a pair of laces online seemed like overkill), so I tried Penneys website for the length. Nothing under 'laces’ or ‘shoe laces’ (except shoes & boots), so tried the online Customer Help email. Their reply (having asked re the Letterkenny branch) was “Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with the exact length as the length may differ within different styles”.

    Well, an inexact length could have been some clue, but I've been struggling with a broken lace in the ankle-boots I currently live in, and they need 120cm/48” to tie easily but not trip over. And for quick untying/re-tying for sport purposes (knotting 2 laces together is problematic). I've lost count of the number of shops I’ve tried, forever saying “No, too long” and “No, too short”!

    I might have to give in and get some online (and stump up the delivery charges). Since I bought the current ones, in a local shop, they all seem to have changed to a maker that doesn’t do 120 cm. (In Killybegs and Ardara, at any rate - any sightings in Donegal Town, Glenties etc?)