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ATH First Round match 3 - JP Liz vs Shagnasti

  • 07-11-2017 4:56pm
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    The show rolls on with our third match........

    Shagnasti and JP Liz, both no stranger sto this game battle it out.

    You know the drill, so here is the question with a place in the Semi Finals at stake :

    Q3 : Everyone loves a good tag team. Vince wants you to take two guys currently employed by WWE and turn them into a tag team. You can take any single wrestlers from either the main roster or NXT, or even mix and match, and create a new team for either Raw or Smackdown.

    Who do you choose, why do you pair them together, will the have a new gimmick? Its all up to you!

    g'luck folks

    Which is your favorite tag team idea? 7 votes

    Bray and Bo Dallas
    0% 0 votes
    Nia Jax and Kassius Ohno
    100% 7 votes


  • Registered Users Posts: 83,509 ✭✭✭✭JP Liz V1

    There is a few that would benefit for being in a tag team but the two I chose is Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt (real life Rotunda brothers)

    Bray has a good gimmick that needs to be used better on Raw since his move back

    Bray could recruit Bo to his Wyatt Family, Bo sick of being beaten protecting Miz leaves Miztourage, Bray could be seen speaking backstage a few times with Bo maybe have Sister Abigail (Paige) also help convince Bo to join

    I bolieve these two as a tag team could work and help build and push both further up

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,766 ✭✭✭ShagNastii

    Looking at this it really shows just how stretched the rosters are across the board. I looked at a few options with Lars Sullivan being central to many ideas. But I've decided to go for something a bit left of centre.

    My "thrown together tag team" would be none other than Nia Jax and Kassius Ohno. It would certainly be centred around giving both exposure to show what they can do in the ring.

    It really is a while since we have had a divas mix it with the men. I think to freshen up Nia Jax it really is time to give her a Chyna-esque push.

    The beginnings of the tag team would be created by a feud with Cesaro and Sheamus. They are heeling it up backstage when they have an interaction with Nia Jax at a catering table. Sheamus is bragging about something and looking ahead shouts for the (food) line to speed up. He gets more and more inpatient. After a few moments Nia Jax walks past with a salad and a cup of soup. Sheamus upon seeing Jax comments loudly to Cesaro in clear eat shot of Jax something along the lines of "Geeeez no wonder there is hold up. King Kong had to eat half the buffet".

    Jax stops, shocked asks Sheamus to repeat himself. He laughs and pretty much gives her a "move on fatty". She unsurprisingly sees red and throws her cup of soup over Sheamus and smashes her salad into Cesaro's face. Destroying "THE BAR". She walks off with the Irish and Swiss man left in shock.

    Fast forward to later that night. Sheamus interferes in Nia's match dropping her with a brogue kick. She is downed and Sheamus doesn't hold back with the beat down.

    This presides for a few weeks with Sheamo and Cesaro really abusing Jax. She has match ups with both, getting a clean win over the completely unimpressed Cesaro. After 3/4 weeks of back and forth Jax is beaten again without remorse. Just as Cesaro holds Jax up for Sheamus to deliver another brogue kick Kassius Ohno's music hits. He storms to the ring and beats on Cesaro and Sheamus. Cleaning home he grabs the mike and says he has seen the BS that has been going on and he is here to offer support to Jax.

    The two teams have a decent feud. It really kick on Jax/Ohno as a team. Nia looks like a true threat to the men. It would ironically book them akin to Sheamus/Casero where they take a while to mesh but soon become an absolutely stellar team.

    I'd give a solid run with maybe bringing the storyline full circle after a couple of months. Have Ohno turn on Jax and join back with Cesaro as the "kings of wrestling"making the Sheamus/Cesaro team a trio.

    As for your team I really wouldn't be too sold on it. Basically for two reasons.

    -it would feel like a bit of a rehash. We've had a "Wyatt family". Their run was good and to be honest if Wyatt was to link it with anybody at this stage I'd pick Rowan, Harper or Braun. It would have that storyline link.

    -With the Miztourage Bo has final found a place where he works and people are buying it. Would be a great pity if he was to be repackaged just after finding himself in a fine position as a stooge for a now 5star Miz.

  • Registered Users Posts: 83,509 ✭✭✭✭JP Liz V1

    I like the idea of a push for Jax but feel the idea of her beatdowns, fat shaming and abuse from Sheamus and Cesaro would be seen as bullying

    The mixed gender tag teams works for perhaps once off matches or short term if the diva has good mic skills to also be a manager/valet

    Wyatt has not been used well since his return in the draft back to Raw and while Miz is Raw's mvp his two bodyguards Axel and Bo are only getting beatdowns to save him no push for tag titles etc.,

    I think pairing Wyatt with someone new like Bo would help both move back up the Raw ladder

  • Registered Users Posts: 4,766 ✭✭✭ShagNastii

    I wouldn't get too hung up on the "bullying" aspect of my proposal. Sure any body shaming comment would be classed as bullying but it would be a throwaway comment. My feud would be not one of body shaming but Sheamo/Cesaro having an issues with the women who chucked soup and salad over them. Plus the guys are Heels they do have to do a certain amount of bullying. They are bad guys.

    Plus I think if at the end you have Sheamus or Cesaro getting their comeuppance (much like below) you can be fairly liberal with how heavy the fued is.

    I can why and where you are coming from pairing Bo and Bray but like I said I really feel it would be such a rehash. Nia Jax really starting to mix it up with the men would be something fresh. Add in bringing Ohno to do the same and we're sucking diesel. I'm fairly beyond Bray's rambling weird promos. I loved Bray but at this stage I'm more invested in Bo and what he is involved in with the Miz side of things (even if he is just a lacky).

  • Registered Users Posts: 83,509 ✭✭✭✭JP Liz V1

    With pairing Bray and Bo as a tag team you have the inevitable break up and them also facing each other down the line, so forget MizTourage and welcome Wyattourage :p

    I think Jax should be dominating the diva's division and holding the title

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    Poll up