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ATH First Round match 1 - PTH2009 (BeakerJoe) vs LeeJM

  • 01-11-2017 3:37pm
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    Our second match of ATH sees champion LeeJM, our top dog last year, face off against a ATH rookie in PTH2009. Lee knows what to expect and all eyes are on the champ, but can the new fresh hungry fighter in PTH take him down early?
    Simplified version of the rules:

    I will post a topic and you have to post your response including why you made that choice within a given time limit (before the next match is scheduled to begin), take care while making your responses however as the other contestant can counter your arguement i.e pointing out possible flaws in what youve said.

    *you can only counter an arguement two times so make sure your point is worth making. If someone's defense of their arguement isnt good it will count against them.

    *You can use the same answer as your opponent if you wish i.e you agree with their choice however its hard to win a debate when your making the same points someone has already made

    see the OP of the main thread for further details or if any examples are needed check out previous years competitions.

    The question is :

    Q2 : Throughout the years the WWFE have packaged wrestlers with so many different gimmicks, some they have even used on numerous different wrestlers. That is what I am asking you to do, recycle a gimmick!

    Choose a Gimmick we have seen before and give it to someone either debuting or re-debuting on the WWE main roster and explain how you would use them in the given role.

    So this can be someone already on the roster, someone being promoted from NXT or someone from the indies, it can literally be anyone wrestling today you just have to fit them with a recycled gimmick of your choice and explain how you'd use them / how that gimmick would benefit them.

    Do yoy give Aliester black the Doink gimmick? Or is Okada the new Big Bossman? or do you repackage Wade Barrett as the new British Bulldog? Its up to you whom you pick and what old gimmick you give them?

    Good luck guys

    Which New Gimmick Did You Prefer? 3 votes

    PTH2009 - Pete Dunne "He Loves To Fight"
    0% 0 votes
    beakerjoe - Rusev "Snapped"
    100% 3 votes


  • Registered Users Posts: 37,320 ✭✭✭✭PTH2009


    The guy i choose is Pete Dunne who is now
    a part of wwe 205 and was prev apart of the UK championship
    and i would give him the Fit Finley gimmick of his SD debut run as' a man that loves to fight'.

    Pete will debut on the Nov 21st 2017 SD and the Nov 7th episode we get a video package showing old British medevial ruins/british strongholds etc and Pete Dunne appears and gives a speech about 'how the british empire was once a stronghold of the world and that they fought and won in every fight they were in and says that the blood of those past warriors run through his veins and hes bringing that fighting spirt too WWE'. Later in the show we get another video package showing the interior of Villa Park (Dunne is from Birmingham) and hes standing in the middle of the pitch and tells a story of how Soccer hooligans once ruled the stands and he spend all his teens scrapping every weekend with all sorts of hooligans and winning every fight he was in and that fighting spirit is coming too WWE too fight anyone who gets in his way'. On the Nov 14th episode of SD we get another video package showing a british pub and dunne is there giving a walk through video package (while having a pint in his hand) about Britain being a top spot for drinkers and they love to have a few pints, suddenly a drunk guy taps of him spilling his pint and he attacks him and says 'When our drinks get spilled blood pours and i like to fight' after attacking the bloke he sends out a message to the wwe locker room 'Im not afraid of anyone and im bringing the british fighting spirit too wwe and anyone who gets in my way is getting what he got'. So on the Nov 21st episode of SD a local jobber is in the ring and Dunnes new theme music hits and he comes out with a serious look on his face and he beats the hell out of the guy and wins the match. He grabs a mic and says 'he came too wwe too fight and anyone whos gets in his way is getting what these guy got'. For the next few weeks he beats local jobbers in the same manner as his debut cutting heel promos after until the first SD of 2018 and he is interrupped by a now face Rusev who challenges him but Dunne walks out. It takes til the week before Royal Rumble for there to be any physical confintation between Dunne and Rusev and a match between the 2 is on the Royal Rumble pre show is announced. The match between the 2 is a brusing encounter and Dunne picks up the win and after the match he attacks Rusev and says 'Us British love a good fight and beating Euro trash like Rusev and too hail the British Empire'. Dunne keeps up the gimmick fueding on the SD lower/mid card having fueds with faces such as Sami Zayn (face once again), Mojo Rawley, Kalisto and Chad Gable. He wins the US title at Summerslam 2018 beating US Champ Bobby Roode and starts a gimmick about 'how the british once ruled the US and he is beginning it again'. He eventually loses the title to a passionate Apollo Crews (now part of SD live) at the Oct 2018 PPV. After losing the rematch on the following episode of SD Dunne takes a few weeks off and returns at the 2018 Nov UK SD taping as a member of the SD Surivor Series 2018 team and is now a face version of his once heel character

    I think this type of heel gimmick would suite Dunne cause hes a natural heel, has a great heel/cocky look, is very good in the ring for fighting dirty etc and Finlay is a big influence too him. It would be a hard gimmick to sustain and may put him over with the fans eventually. As i done i gave him this gimmick for his first year or so on the Main Roster and aimed at turning him a face with the similar gimmick a year on from his debut.

    sorry about being late and dont expect to get scored but would like a non competive feedback on this

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,753 ✭✭✭✭beakerjoe

    I wanted to bring back a gimmick and give someone on the roster a new lease of life. The guy Ive chosen to make over is none of the than everyones favourite Bulgarian Brute, RUSEV.

    Don’t worry, Im not giving him the dancing foreigner gimmick, thank god says the reader, Im giving him a gimmick Ive always enjoyed and one that will suit his current state of mind.


    That’s right, I’m giving him the gimmick that gave Ken Shamrock and Sid some success. Rusev has been booked horribly since his feud with Cena at WM31 ended. Hes a main eventer in my eyes as he has it all, a great look, a witty persona, good mic skills and he can go in the ring when allowed. So My plan for Rusev is to finallllly SNAP!

    Hes lost to that “young up and comer” Randy Orton too many times already my plan for him is to finally lose it and unleash the beat on Randall. The SD after Surivor Series is when Rusev and Orton face off in a gruelling match, filled with near falls until, you guessed it Orton is on the cusp of losing when he hits an RKO out of nowhere for the win. Orton has been impressed with Rusev and offers the Bulgarian a hand up out of respect after such a war. Rusev is dejected after a fouth lose against the Viper and pushes his arm away and walks off.

    The following week Randy cuts a promo calling out Rusev. Out comes Rusev and Randy commends him for pushing Orton to his limits in the gruelling match, and Orton claims that Rusev now has his respect. Randy again extends his arm out of respect and Rusev is being urged by the crowd to reciprocate and the fans feel a face turn is on for Rusev. After much hesitation Rusev goes off on Randy instead, beating the living daylights out of Orton and eventually puts him in the Accolade submission. Rusev keeps Randy in the move as the camera zooms in to see Rusev foaming at the mouth with a glazed over look in his eyes as he creams at Randy. Referees come down and beg Rusev to release the hold as the commentators fear for Randy as he looks to have passed out while blood is seeping from his mouth.

    Rusev is eventually pried off of Orton but he begins attacking referees with kicks and mean suplexes. The refs and agents (about 12) will eventually tackle Rusev and hold him down as he continues to scream and struggle. Rusev is like a rabid dog as he is held down as SD goes off the air. This is the beginning of Snapped Rusev.

    The next week Shane O’Mac will inform us that Rusev is suspended for 1 week and Randy is out injured. The following week Rusev returns and hes booked in a match with Mojo Rawley and Rusev takes on prisoners and beats Rawley quickly with the Accolade. Rusev though is in a trace at this stage, screaming Randys name as he refuse to release the hold. The same thing happens again with the refs and agents separating Rusev from his oppoennet and holding him down as he screams and struggles.

    Shane wants to suspend him again but Aiden English vouchs for Rusev and explains he can control him, explaining hes just been under a lot of emotional stress. Shane gives Aiden the benefit of the doubt.

    But the same things happens next time, as Rusev does the same to Zack Ryder. English tries to intervene and helps get Rusev off but Rusev attacks him too. Rusev then attacks the referees again until Randys theme hits and Randy returns to brawl with Rusev setting up a match at the next PPV. Rusev will win the match and put Randy on the shelf again.

    Rusev and his snapped character will be over and it will set can set up and eventual match at Mania v Shane and a championship run down the line. Rusev needs fresh take, he needs to be taken serious and this gimmick is not only logical but it will be effective of making Rusev a main event threat.

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,753 ✭✭✭✭beakerjoe

    Now I like Pete Dunne, actually, I love him a lot, but is there really a gimmick change here for Pete. He is more or less already a man who loves to fight without having to say it. You have just picked Pete Dunne but you haven’t really given him a gimmick change.

    The current Pete Dunne is essentially already what you have described, you more or less rebranding Pete Dunne more than giving him a new gimmick

    The Fit Finley gimmick was very thin at best and it really doesn’t do anything to either enhance Dunne anymore than what hes done on the indy scene/WWE UK championship. Its very one dimensional and I think Dunne is capable of so much more.

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,753 ✭✭✭✭beakerjoe

    Ill bump this, one more day and Ill throw a poll up.

  • Registered Users Posts: 20,753 ✭✭✭✭beakerjoe

    Poll added

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