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Help Needed! Trying to find a video of an old Northern Irish Ad on UTV!

  • 26-10-2017 12:40pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 alanbino

    I'm looking for a video of the old 'It's Better for Me' ads

    These ads typically contained ordinary people making better, healthier decisions in their day to day lives because "It's Better for Me".

    Example 1:

    "Should I watch T.V., or should I go for a swim with Jane? Sure I'll go for a swim with Jane, It's better for me"

    Example 2:

    "Should I take the lift, or should I take the stairs? Sure I'll take the stairs, it's better for me"

    Example 3:

    "Should I take the car, or should I walk the kids to school? Sure I'll walk the kids to school, it's better for me"