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Hurricane Nate

  • 07-10-2017 7:13pm
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    Having had a very destructive beginning from off the coast of Nicaragua, Hurricane Nate has intensified over the Gulf of Mexico despite travelling relatively quickly for a Hurricane making it more difficult to become organised and establish an eyewall. It is forecast to make landfall as a Category two Hurricane with max sustained windspeeds of about 170km/h (105mph). Minimum Central Pressure of 982mb NHC. The highest winds and therefor storm surge are and will be on the Eastern side of this fast moving system. The storm surge and rainfall flooding have historically been the greatest risk to human life from Hurricanes and are likely to be so again with this storm. Between the Mississippi river and the Mississippi border there could be storm surges of between two and a quarter to three and a quarter metres.

    The Track could still see New Orleans on the wrong side (East) of Nate if it doesn't change direction as forecast but further East there are Gulfport and Billoxy Miississipi and Mobile, Alabama.

    With the speed of Hurricane Nate, higher wind speeds can get further inland though rainfall accumulations should remain limited by the quick passing, still the rain will be intense in parts while it lasts.