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Spray Paint wall, location and law

  • 03-10-2017 7:53pm
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    I am doing up my attic and want to repaint the walls with spray paint

    I am looking for somewhere in the Dublin region that sells good spray paint and if there is any law against buying it

    Thanks for the help


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    Halfords, B&Q, Homebase, etc, etc all sell spray paint. Its not illegal.

    If you are just looking for a smooth finish you can rent the sprayers that let you spray standard emulsion - attics are not known for ventilation so you will only be able to do very short periods of time with cans. Its also incredibly expensive. Wear a face mask.

    Wandering around at night with a few rattle cans in a backpack is what causes questions.

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    No intent on graffiti,

    My brother can do that if he want's not me in the back of a Garda Car if he gets caught

    Thanks for the locations