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Desperate need for Networking, Maths and JavaScript Grinds

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    Hi all,

    Just wondering is there anyone here who gives grinds or knows where I could find useful tutorials for the following Modules Data Communications (It's been changed to Computer Networks but the Material is largely the same), Mathematical Methods and Component Development (JavaScript). I'll be honest these 3 modules have been a pain for me for the last 2 years I'll be repeating Data and Maths for a 5th time and Component. I'm at a stage where clearly studying is not helping me and I'm genuinely afraid of my future at the moment. I'm very flexible with payment and have my own car so meeting up is no issue on my end.

    Kind regards and many thanks,
    Leinster Rugby


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    I feel your pain as I know someone who repeated these for 3 years. Talk to your lecturer and ask can they help you by directing you on which way to study to pass these modules. Also speak with the course leader to see can he/she send you on any links for books that will help you. Have you used the maths centre for the maths grinds as they give you one to one help free.

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