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Bin not emptied due to "compacted waste"

  • 06-09-2017 7:41pm
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    Greyhound customer.

    My brown bin wasn't picked up. It contains garden cuttings (not overly full, I was too lazy to compress them down).

    So I rang up and they said they charged me for 5 kg. They offered to refund but they refuse to pick it up again. This doesn't work for me as I've more cuttings to go in.

    They said it was probably compressed and therefore they had no obligation empty the bin (couldn't point this out in their t&cs I might add).

    The staff will not put their hands into the bin. They obviously didn't bother shunting it on the back lift either.

    Am I being unreasonable having a problem with this? Am I supposed to empty the bin into my garden and refill it again? Do I get the day off work and wait for them to arrive to I can put my hands in and fix the supposed problem? I understand about not putting their hands in but is there not a tool they can use?

    I also have serious issue with fact they charged me even though they must have known it wasn't emptied. They must be making a fortune with this. Onus was on me to ring up and figure it out.