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Taking alcohol home from outside (and then inside) the EU

  • 01-09-2017 5:29pm
    Registered Users Posts: 733 ✭✭✭ Cantstandsya

    Hoping someone can answer this, perhaps this belongs somewhere else but I reckon some of the good people in Beer & Wine & Spirits could help me out.

    I am currently on holiday outside the EU and am planning on buying a nice bottle of whiskey to take home. The rules are that I can bring 1 litre duty free from outside the EU. The thing is, I will have a stopover in Schiphol in Amsterdam where the whiskey is also way cheaper than Dublin... 

    So my question is - if I travel to Dublin from outside the EU but catch a transfer within the EU am I tied to the outside EU restrictions regarding quantity or can I grab an additional bottle or two in Schiphol?

    Hope that makes sense and would really appreciate any advice.



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    In Amsterdam you arent buying duty free so the allowance isnt a factor.

    My concern would be the transfer... do you have to go through security again?
    You can bring purchases through if transferring within two EU flights.

    Make sure in Turkey they put the bottle into a sealed airport bag.

    Update... I think check in airport in Turkey you may not be able to bring your purchase through transfer.

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  • Registered Users Posts: 733 ✭✭✭ Cantstandsya

    Thanks for the reply odyssey. I took a look at the KLM website and they have this to say:

    "Travel to or from non-EU countries
    If you will transfer at an EU airport, including Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, you may bring duty-free liquids and gels bought at non-EU airports. However, while transferring at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, these liquids will be checked at the gate."

    I wonder if "checked at the gate" means someone will take a look at them or they will be "checked" in the checked baggage sense.

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    Its a bit of a grey area... a friend just brought a bottle of whisky home from the states through germany. The bottle was in a sealed plastic bag and she stayed in the transfer zone.

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    AMS has a central security area and no segregation of inbound/outbound passengers - just passport control at the Schengen edge but this flight connection is non-Schengen to non-Schengen anyway. You're unlikely to have any issues. Keep the AMS bought whiskey in the sealed bag with its receipt in case customs query it.