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HELP: Elgato HD Chat Link Cable Major Echo/Feedback

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    Hi all,

    I am having a major issue with setting up my streams my Elgato HD via the party chat cable in order to capture sound from the party while I interact with people from the party while also streaming.

    The Setup
    I have my chat link cable top end connected to the controller, I then have the short end of the split cable attached to my Sony PS4 Gold headset via 4 pole 3.5 mini jack to 4 pole 3.5 mini jack. I have the long end of the split connected to a female 3.5 mini jack which has a male RCA (white and red). Because the Elgato HD doesn't have the mini jack port the HD60 has, I believe I have to connect the male RCA adapter (white and red) via the A/V (in) port by using the original RCA female (white and red) cable.

    If I do my setup without plugging in the A/V (in) cable it works a treat, music and audio is coming through the headset perfectly. This of course is useless as it's not actually going to the Elgato HD. However, if I connect the A/V cable in order to feed the audio to the Elgato HD, I get serious echo that causes feedback, its just not even usable. I test this by going into the "Adjust Microphone Level" via "settings/devices/audio devices". I also have the analog box selected in my Game Capture HD settings to no joy, which was suggested by a lot of tutorials but I haven't seen this issue anywhere..

    Why am I getting this issue? Have you experienced this before? I've spent days trying to figure it out and no luck at all. I would really appreciate the help if you guys have the answers to my nightmare :-/