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Disposing of razor blades

  • 29-08-2017 9:10am
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    I have a Muhle safety razor and a now sizable collection of discarded razor blades.

    Any recommendations on how best to dispose of them?


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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 1,360 I love Sean nos

    No recommendations?

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    I had to look-up safety razor. So that's what they're called.
    I start to use a safety razor since basic two blade cartridges are no longer available. Those 5-blade yokes are just too ridiculous.

    But back to your question.. my old blades eventually make it to the scrap metal skip in my local council tip in a car load of recycling.
    I have to pay a couple of euro to enter the recycling area but no one objects when I walk around the barrier to the waste area to get to the scrap metal bin.

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    Any update on how to dispose of DE blades since 2017?