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How often to go to bjj etc?

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    I started bjj recently and have had a few (3) classes so far. After some dithering around I'm going back to it today but looking for a bit of guidance.

    The place I go to has bjj and striking classes that I would like to try but I don't want to overdo it, especially at the start as I'm overweight and unfit. After the first few classes I was very sore and needed a few days break between classes.

    Someone I know trains 4 days a week in MMA then two days in a regular gym. But he's a lot fitter than me!

    What would be a good target to aim for? I was thinking of 2 bjj classes per week and depending on how I'm feeling, maybe 1 striking class. Then increase it as I go along.

    Anyone else been in a similar boat?


  • 3 classes a week is a pretty good target to start with - you may have to push through some initial discomfort but it doesn't last too long. As you become more comfortable with the movements and your conditioning improves the classes will become 'easier' cardio-wise (and remain tough in every other sense of the word).

    Generally speaking, grappling doesn't put as much strain on the CNS and muscles as lifting heavy weights does, so once your fitness is there you could go nearly every day if you wanted.

    The only other thing to note is that if you're learning striking and grappling at the same time you'll progress slower than by focusing on one or the other.