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Barcelona - Ramblas

  • 20-08-2017 8:24pm
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    While one abhors the drive-by massacre in Barcelona, this picture shows that little Julian (who was no doubt innocent of anything) lived in a culture of Anglo-Saxon terrorism. Look at the union flag on his bike. No country on the planet has murdered so many people over the past 1'000 years than GB & Co.

    Spain naively supported Britain and the US in the war against Iraq, 'weapons of mass destruction' that did not exist. The Australian gov spent $5bn in tandem with them on the same nasty, evil 'project'. While Libya and Iraq's dictator leaders were far from pure, they managed their countries far better than the Anglo-Saxon leftover arrangement do now.

    As a frequent flyer one gets frustrated with the long security lines and passport delays which they have attempted to justify as a result of these atrocities. Fake security. After passing these rubbish tests, one can buy high alcohol content bottles of various drinks - in the airside shopping zone. The bottles are potentially dangerous weapons in themselves, as is the liquid contained therein, in terms of 'Christmas pudding' type fire risk.

    A sick, politically incompetent mess which neutral countries have refused to speak out against. Which makes them almost as evil as Blair, Thatcher, Bush, Clinton, Aznar, etc.


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