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Future of Irish Skeptics Forum

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    Hi folks,

    As you may or may not know, there's currently a review being done of all the Hosted forums (link) - basically we're looking through them all and seeing which ones are very active and can be made into full forums, and which are completely devoid of life and can be archived.

    This forum seems to fall somewhere in the middle; it's very quiet, but seeing as there has been a bit of activity in the last 12 months or so, we wanted to check in with the people who use it to see if there's any desire to keep it open. We don't want to archive a forum that could potentially be "revived" so if people are interested, we'll keep it open. However, we'll be reviewing the activity level in about 6 months time, and if there forum is still this quiet, then it's most likely to be archived.

    If the forum is kept open the only change will be that the forum won't reside in the "Hosted" category any more - it'll be moved to a different category ie: Rec/Soc/Society/whichever is most appropriate.

    If the forum is archived, all the content will still be available to view and the forum will be moved to a different 'archive' section - privacy and hidden status will remain in place so if the forum was private and hidden before, only those who had access to it will be able to view it after it is archived.

    If anyone is interested in keeping the forum open, please give your thoughts below.


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    Sorry - was on holiday when this thread was opened :) The Irish Skeptics' Society are still around and still hosting lectures and other events, but I don't believe that there's much call for this forum to be kept open as there hasn't been any relevant activity for the last four years or so. Archiving is good with me.

    Over and out.

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