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Jobpath/TurasNua/seetec my experience to date/advice

  • 13-08-2017 10:25pm
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    I'm with this shower of self centered manipulative dirtbags 8 months now.
    I get people will have different experiences with this crowd but mine has been the strangest most down putting experience I've ever had.

    I live in an area that has a high unemployment rate so jobs are a premium.
    I want to work and do i my best to try and get work with cv handouts daily etc. Id rather be a help to our state rather than a hindrance.
    When I got a letter from this crowd informing me about the introduction meeting I taught it was abit of good news, someone might actually help find me a job.
    Well was I surprised!
    I was designated a "PA" that can only be described as a rotten mouldy cold cow.(she was sound at the start).
    8 months in I haven't been offered 1 job. Not even an interview.
    After the intro.meeting I had weekly 1-2-1s with my PA and the Jobsearch at the end of the month.
    I Also had courses inbetween the 1-2-1s aspire challenge, cv/cover letters kinda stuff. All are box ticking exercises that last 3hrs each time.

    I started to notice after about month 2/3 They will have you sussed out as either employable or not.
    They tend to cherry pick the more employable and work with them rather than long term unemployed . The longterm unemployed are as useful as a glass nails in there.
    For the last few months my PA has basically been real cold towards me.
    Shell give me the strangest Dirty looks when I go in to my appointments that makes me feel really uncomfortable. The weekly 1-2-1s turned into signing a sheet weekly and a monthly jobsearches.
    At the group sessions theres about 7/8 people on computers she'll help every single one but skip me lol.
    She does it everytime, its a weird tactic like as if if you cant find a job then they try get you off the dole too.
    Got to the point where it pissed me off and I brought it up with her.
    She went on an arselicking binge and couldnt do enough for me. Said she meant no harm amd didnt realise she was doing it.
    She said taught I was sufficient in IT and didnt think I needed help. My Pa in an employment agency didnt think I needed help and im longterm unemployed!?
    Iv been treated like the pits of society by this cold bitch and this crowd everytime I walk through the doors of the place since month 2/3.

    These are a nogood shower of rampant dirtbags that are taking a valuble good year from my life to pick me apart and put me down.

    Is there anyone who has had a similar experience,
    is there anyway I can get away from a PA thats like this or get away from this crowd in general after such treatment.

    Do you report this lot to the DSP or who..


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    self centered manipulative dirtbags

    if they were self centered they wouldn't be (wasting their time) trying to help you

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    Locked. Don't start any more of these threads please OP.

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