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Change in Law

  • 10-08-2017 11:04am
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    Could someone tell me who you would inform if you think there should be a change in a law. Do you lobby a local TD ?


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    Local TD is your best bet but don't hold your breath on it basically. Only other alternative is to get a big drama lama ding dong media campaign going but that usually requires you to be the victim's family of a sob story they can run with and spending years protesting and talking about it.

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    It would depend on the nature of the change in the law.

    For example, if you are a tax expert and have spotted a technical loophole in the Finance Act that you believe for revenue reasons should be closed, you should probably write to the Revenue Commissioners and the Department of Finance advising them of the problem. That would be a change in the law, but within the existing policy framework. You would probably see a technical amendment in the next Finance Act.

    On the other hand, if you believe that there should be a new tax on mobile phones for whatever reason, that is a new policy direction and would need the support of politicians and approval of the Government, so you would need to lobby politicians (Technically, the first one also needs the support of the Government, but most politicians wouldn't know what you are talking about, so you should go to the experts.

    You can apply similar logic to health and safety issues. If a law or a regulation is making unsafe toys or furniture available for sale because of a loophole, the HSA or the Department are the place to go first. The same would apply to most legislation, for small technical changes, approach the relevant agency/Department, for major policy changes, lobby politicians.

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    It would be a good start to run the proposed change up the flagpole here at and see who salutes it

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    Blanch152 has it. If you're looking for a change in policy, that's a political matter, and you want to be lobbying TDs or political parties.

    But if what you are looking for is a technical change designed to make existing policy work better/more efficiently/more cheaply/whatever, then there's a policy formation process in which stakeholder/representative groups lobby, or are consulted by, public servants, and that's likely to be the way to go.

    Whichever way you're going, if you approach as part of a representative body/a relevant professional association/etc rather than as John Q Citizen, an individual with a good idea/a bee in his bonnet, you have a better chance of being heard and of being taken seriously. So the best way to start your campaign may not be to approach either politicians or civil servants, but relevant stakeholder groups, to try to build support for your proposal and get them to take it on board.

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    Carol B wrote: »
    Could someone tell me who you would inform if you think there should be a change in a law. Do you lobby a local TD ?
    Addressing it to the relevant minister(s) would also be useful.

    Do you want to tell us what change you want?

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