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every difference between TEFL .CELT. CELTA

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    God knows if anyone will ever read this but here goes.
    I have been searching for information regarding all three courses.
    Now I have done the TEFL many years back and I have been teaching in Asia for 8 years however I would like to be a more structured teacher and I know the CELTA will give me the training I feel I need.
    I came across the CELT and I have read that the differences are CELTA = 4 written assessments and 6 for the CELT which is no problem and also the price is reduced with a CELT.
    What other major differences are there?
    From what I read the CELT is although like a CELTA it is also similar to a TEFL which I don't want.

    <Hi OP, I've moved this to the teaching abroad forum as there would be more teachers with TEFL abroad (I think!)>