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I Can't Tonight Im Going Online

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    Hi all,

    I've created a new channel called I Can't Tonight I'm Going online that will be based around any and all retro gaming related themes that you might or might not know about. The retro Gaming scene is massive and I love to research more information about things that might not be well known or even more information about stuff that is know.

    In that vein, I've picked a couple of topics to cover as I find my feet (I will link what I've uploaded so far in the comments below). The plan is to try and get a new video out at least every two weeks (my usual health issues determining if this will be possible or not, so bare with me if this isn't the case) but I'm very happy the way things are lining up behind the scenes. I've some pretty cool segments planned and through the power of the internet have reconnected with and touched base with former coworkers, friends I've made during my years in the collecting community and even people I've only met recently who were amazing receptive to my ideas.

    I won't reveal the big selling point of this until all my ducks are in a row but if it works out it'll be pretty damn cool in my opinion.... hopefully... :pac:

    If you made it this far... I thank you for reading... Long ramble over. ;)

    Here are the links to the videos I've uploaded so far. Some of them I might have posted on here before but rather than clog up the page in the future I'll just post them all here from now on. I've started using a new editing software and recently traded for an actual mic and pop shield so I'm hoping that I'll learn as I go and try make more professional videos as I progress.

    Super Mario Bros. The Great Mission To Save Princess Peach:

    MaxiVision 15-in-1:

    Video Game TV Shows - Part 01:

    World Of WarCraft - The Corrupted Blood Incident:

    That Time Gandhi Nuked US All:

    Finally if anyone has any suggestions of future topics for me to cover feel free to make them and I'll add them to my list going forward if there's enough of a story to make a video.

    Thanks guys,