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SBG or Gracie Barra?

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    I'm considering taking up BJJ as a new hobby, and I'm trying to decide which club in Dublin to join.

    I thought about SBG. Obviously they have a good reputation and are growing into a large franchise worldwide. I looked at their website and they don't seen to give an indication of price or class timetable. I sent them en email asking about it.

    Another I thought about is a Gracie Barra club in dublin south side which is close to work. They gave price and timetable which seem reasonable enough, but I wonder if they're a legitimate club. (Not to say anything bad about them, I've dubbed before with other Martial Arts McDojos in the past so I'm more cautious)

    Any recommendations?


  • Excellent coaching in both. GB are absolutely legit - they have one of the strongest competition teams in the country. It'd be worth doing a class or two in both and seeing which one you prefer. If you're on the south side, ECJJA would also be worth checking out if they are handy for you at all.

  • Chris Bowe in GB is one of the best bjj competitors in Europe at the minute. He finished 2nd in the Abu Dhabi championships recently also. I would highly recommend Gracie Barra. I'm part of Gracie Barra Ashbourne and my black belt Aleksejis trains with Chris regularly. We had a seminar recently with Chris and he teaching style is great.

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