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Faith Healers and Fees

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    Hi. I'm just wondering for those of you who believe in faith healers what do you think of their fees. I know many take donations but what do you think if they ask for a minimum sum. I attended a Healer last September, honesty didn't expect much but I did get a lot of out the sessions and I guess I started to believe in the healing powers. Recently I have been feeling unwell again as I have a chronic condition and I was going to return for a session. I looked up the healers Facebook page and was reading through some comments when I came across a post stating that this healer is now taking private sessions with sick people and the fee is €500 per session. Now I'm not saying €500 isn't worth feeling better but I can't help but loose faith. Why on earth would he charge that kind of money. Most people who attend do so because they are very ill and are out of work and probably wouldn't have that kind of money. This healer is very well respected for what he does but I just can't get my head around this huge fee. Any thoughts please?