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Matrix Infinity PS2 not playing certain formats

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    While I did primarily get this PS2 in order to play imports. I decided to explore other 'features' that I thought I was able to do.

    The first issue I had was burned games. I thought this was able to play games burned onto a DVD+R and I must've burned about 10 discs (I had them spare - they were never getting used otherwise) and I tried various burn speeds and I came across up to 2 issues - either I was getting a black screen, or I was getting the Red Screen of Death (no compatible disc inserted). It's not the biggest issue for me as I already said it plays imports as I expected. But still, would've been nice to have this option.

    The second issue is it seems to be barely compatible with CD-based games. I recently tried legit copies of Dynasty Warriors 2 and Theme Park World (they're the only CD-based PS2 games I have, I think) and DW2 did boot, but it was rather temperamental;
    Sometimes it would take a long time loading a menu, and other times the music would skip and cut off. I checked the disc - it's immaculate. So I don't know what the issue is there. And Theme Park World just won't go past the "EA Games" splash screen. I tried it on my regular PS2 console and it booted perfectly fine, so it does work. It also causes the PS2 to spin the disc really fast and loud.

    I'm hearing that CD-based games can be a pain in the arse but I never realized they were this problematic.

    PS2 DVDs work fine
    PS1 games work fine
    Burned PS1 games work fine

    Anyway, if anyone has any pointers I'm open to suggestions.

    If there's nothing I can do then I'll just accept it.


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