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Where can you buy the best and cheapest decks?


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    which decks ? Bikes, Bees ?

    card-shark.de is pretty decent

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    Hi, check out Pat Fallon ABC Magic for Bicycle decks. Also Leon Andersen has a shop. The Society of Irish Magicians is a good place to enquire.

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    I know this is an old thread, but in case somebody finds it useful, here’s what I use:

    For standard Bicycle cards, check out casinoshop.ie — you can get Rider back cards for €3.25 per deck, but if you buy a brick (12 decks), you only pay €2.70 per deck. Also, for practice, I recommend buying a brick of “seconds”, these are missprinted cards (usually minor things like missaligned/off-center print). They only sell them by the brick, but they’re cheap: list price is €1.95 but you get 2 free for buying 10 (and you can’t buy less than 10), so the actual price is €1.62 per deck. In either case (standard or seconds), you usually get 6 red back and 6 blue back decks.

    I also have a number of Phoenix decks from card-shark.de. I love these cards! They’re printed by the same people as Bicycle (US Playing Card Company), so the quality is the same, but Bicycle are made for poker and magicians can use them, while Phoenix are made for magicians and poker players can use them. Mainly, what this means is that they sell a lot of gaffed decks and other variants. They’re a bit more expensive at about €3.50 a deck, but they’re really nice cards.

    None of the above factor in shipping. Card-sharks.de charges a flat €5 shipping fee, while casinoshop.ie charged me €4.95 the last time (but it could be weight dependant).

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