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VHI to access to treatment in UK

  • 27-06-2017 12:51pm
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    I have chronic endometriosis and the treatment I received in Ireland to date has been terrible. Doctors here still use laser surgery which is useless and it has been proven that only excision surgery works. Nobody in Ireland is qualified to carry out advanced excision surgery. There is a specialist centre in London where they are leaders in this field. My question is about getting VHI to cover the costs involved. I have a good plan that costs a fortune every year and it would be good to use it. I contacted VHI who said the treatment needs to be approved in advance. I need to get a form filled by the consultant here and they then assess whether they will cover the treatment. My question is - has anybody done this before (with any health condition) Was the consultant happy to fill the form? Is there any advice anyone could give me? TIA


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    I sent you a pm!

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    Shelley10 wrote: »
    I sent you a pm!

    I have this dilemma now except mine is a nerve issue. Consultants here have said an exploratory surgery is too risky while a UK consultant has done this operation many times and is confident he can help. Vhi have sent me out a form for my consultant.

    Do you have experience of this?