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Retirement on medical grounds from the HSE

  • 21-06-2017 11:19pm
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    Hi folks,

    Sorry to bug ye but I really wasn't getting anywhere with google. I just wondered if any of ye knew how many years of service you'd have to have to seek early retirement on medical grounds from the HSE? I'm only with them since February 2015, and had 21 months off from August 2015 to April 2017. I have MS, it's aggro as all hell. I'm back at work but it's a real struggle and my MS is playing up. I'm a midwife so there are certain aspects of the job which are physically very difficult. I wear a brace on one leg and my walking is very slow. Felt totally demoralised today, I put so much effort in to simply learning to walk again. I was on Beaumont for ten weeks, then I was on the National rehabilitation hospital for seven more weeks. Feel like I was just kidding myself that I'd be able to get back into it with no ill effects but getting back to work was getting back to normal. Now, I'm not sure I can do it, at least not long term. The idea of early retirement on medical grounds is becoming more attractive. I am pretty sure I don't have enough accrued service but it's hard to get definitive answers online.


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    Hi just wondering if you ever got sorted out with early retirement? Might be heading down that road myself and would live to know more about it