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***Charter - please read before posting!***

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    Standard Boards rules apply eg no abuse, advertising or spam, text speak, discussion of other forums, feeding trolls, illegal activities etc

    No unfounded allegations about influencers or brands that could lead to libel action against Boards. No proof, no post.

    No Snapchat/Instagram Story screengrabs. These services provide content for 24 hours only, sharing screengrabs violates their terms of use and could possibly lead to legal trouble for boards.

    Keep it civil. If someone suggests something you don’t agree with, simply state that and why you don’t agree with it. Snide or petty comments about other posters or influencers will not be tolerated and warnings will be given.

    If you have your own blog/YT channel, introduce yourself in the ‘plug your blog’ thread. This is not a platform to launch your new product/service. This includes affiliate links or links to competitions on your social media pages to boost your followers/customers. You can post a link and description of your blog in the ‘plug your blog’ thread.

    No derailing threads. Start a new topic. This also includes on-thread conversations with another poster. Move to PM or the chat thread for this purpose.

    No backseat moderation. If you have a problem with a post, please use the report post function. While we may not find it appropriate to act on it, it will be investigated. Also, no arguing with moderation decisions in a thread. If you have an issue with a moderator decision, please PM one of the other moderators.

    Replying “Who?” to show disregard for an influencer is not allowed. If you don’t know who someone is, use Google before joining the discussion.

    No threads requesting volunteers for projects or surveys.

    Discussion of #ad and #spon is allowed but the rules of the charter apply. Any breach of the rules will lead to warnings, infractions and bans, and repeated breaches will lead to the thread being closed.

    Personal abuse towards those in the social media/blogging industry will not be tolerated. Although they have put themselves in the public eye, criticisms should be directed towards their skills and the content they present, rather than their personal appearance. Such criticisms should be made in a civil way and personal abuse will not be tolerated.

    Please note this charter is a work in progress and may be added to when needed. Please check back regularly for updates, we will try to update the thread title if the charter is updated. Happy posting!

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