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Resource based economy and Sociocyberneering

  • 14-06-2017 10:15pm
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    Hey so I'll try and keep this post short and sweet.

    I'm sick and tired of how politics and society is run not only in Ireland, but worldwide. I have come to the conclusion that the only solution is to start a new political movement to give the power back to the people. I would use the word "party", but I hate that word as parties always do what's best for the party and their donors. Hence, I will use the word "movement" which I think represents the people much better. If this movement was to obtain political power, I would like it to be called the People's Government or similar.

    Personally, I do not consider myself to be either left or right wing, as I am a believer in the work of Jacque Fresco and The Venus Project. There is plenty of information about this online, but I recommend this video as a good starting point

    Jacque Fresco died last month, age 101.

    I believe that no matter what party on the current political spectrum is in power (left, right, centre), world politics will never truly work. I would like the People's Movement to become a worldwide thing as it's the only way the system would work. However, I most certainly do NOT want this to ever become a dictatorship or similar. In fact quite the contrary - in this system nobody would have control.

    Money and business would be phased out in favour of a resource based economy.

    I believe that this idea is the only way forward for the human species and our planet, as currently the rich are only getting richer and the poor getting poorer. Current left wing alternatives do not tackle the issues head on, as the whole human race needs to come together to overcome these obstacles.

    I also am totally aware that this whole idea - even if the People's Movement were elected to power - would take years, even decades, to come about. But we have to start somewhere, and I believe that Ireland can be the first country to make a start at it.

    The People's Movement would heavily use social media and live debates to get their message out to the public. Trust me, we would absolutely obliterate anyone in a head to head debate!

    It is time for the human species to work together for the sake of everyone, where everyone has a chance at life, where everybody can have a good quality of life without having to worry about finances, the environment, or politicians.

    Let's take our country and our planet back!

    Please discuss.

    PS - I also recommend checking out which was setup after Trump was elected. I totally agree with their political philosophy also.

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    Mod note:

    Hi OP, normally we dont allow threads where someone wants to set up a new party and is seeking support. However, from reading your OP further it seems you want to discuss the concept of a resource based economy so Ive left it open for that purpose.

    Perhaps you could give us a bit more detail about how it would work? For example, how does a resource based economy deal with someone who chooses not to work yet wants the material benefits of other peoples productive labour? Is the decision on larger scale resources like electricity and vity planning done centrally, or do individuals have to decide their needs? And what rewards exist in the system for the people who innovate and create new sources of wealth for the community?

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    It's not really possible to phase out money from an economy - you could phase out currency in its current form, but new forms of money would just reappear immediately.

    It's as simple as borrowing an item from another person, and writing an IOU on a piece of paper - that IOU effectively becomes a new form of tradable money - and you can't stop people doing this.

    Ireland actually did something a lot like this this years ago, during the banking strike - an interesting piece of history - first using cheques as IOU's, then just improvising when people ran out of cheques:
    When people ran out of cheques, especially during the long 1970 strike, undeterred, they made their own. Official bank cheques at the time incorporated a government stamp, in effect a tax on each payment. These new, impromptu IOU's needed only a postage stamp to make them acceptable to Ireland’s innovative cashiers. In pubs, by now the principal clearing houses, the insides of cigarette packets suddenly became bills of exchange, as patrons tipped out their fags, scrawled a cheque, stuck on a stamp and handed it across the counter to the acquiescent publican.

    If you want people to give up money, you do actually have to implement this through force - through an authoritarian (near dictatorial, given the practical difficulties involved) government.

    The key instead, is to just use money better, to fully utilize all of societies resources - that's what our current monetary/fiscal systems fail to do - with proof of this, being e.g. long periods of high unemployment and economic slowdowns (the necessary physical resources and labour were there, but they were not being put together to their full potential, due money not being made available).

    The idea of a resource based economy is still actually very useful, but just as a thought experiment, because it should help people understand better, that labour and physical-resources/industry should always be combined to their maximum potential - and that when the availability of money gets in the way of this, that's a sign of a fundamental problem with how our monetary/fiscal systems are operated.