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NI Prison Service Recruitment 2017

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    Custody Prison Officer (CPO), Night Custody Officer (NCO) & Prisoner Custody Officers (PCO)

    DEPARTMENT: Northern Ireland Prison Service
    SALARY: CPO - £18,925 - £26,005 per annum / NCO - £22,299 per annum / PCO - £9.16 per hour
    LOCATION: CPO’s and NCO’s must be willing to serve in any Prison Establishment in Northern Ireland now or in the future (Currently Maghaberry Prison, Magilligan Prison & Hydebank Wood College and Female Prison; PCO’s are based at courts throughout Northern Ireland).

    The purpose of the Northern Ireland Prison Service is improving public safety by reducing the risk of reoffending through the management and rehabilitation of people in custody.

    As a CPO you will help provide a prison environment which is safe, decent and secure for staff, prisoners and visitors. You will be responsible for supporting people in custody to address their offending behaviour and for performing operational and custodial duties within the prison to maintain order and discipline.

    As an NCO you will be accountable for the security and safe custody of all prisoners during night duty periods.

    The job of a Prisoner Custody Officer (PCO) is a varied one. In the context of being employed within the Prisoner Escorting and Court Custody Service’ (PECCS) it falls into two distinct areas:
    1. Escorting prisoners to and from Courts, hospitals, airports, police stations and other establishments and;
    2. Ensuring the safe and secure control of persons in custody at courts, this includes staffing of court docks and the running of the court custody area.