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CO2 & Suremix Kegged Setup

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    For those of you that keg your brew and use CO2 canisters.
    My usual setup is as follows:

    Homebrew in either a full or half commercial Heineken keg.

    Keg in fridge.

    Tap in door of fridge.

    Pure CO2 (commercial BOC cylinder) carbonating and pushing through pipes.

    Works a treat and have done about 4-5 kegs on this setup.

    I also have a BOC 'suremix' cylinder and I want to experiment with it.
    This is where I'm running into difficulty...

    My current gas regulator has a female connector that connects directly to the CO2 cylinder no problem.

    The suremix cylinder has a larger aperature (see pics).
    I'm struggling to find a male / male fitting that will bridge the gap between the two female connections.

    Have been all over hardwares and tried loads but can't get the right fit.
    Anyone have any knowledge on this? Few free pints in it for you!


    Thanks in advance.