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HELP. Male gerbils weren't male!

  • 07-06-2017 12:04am
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    OKAY SO. I bought 2 male gerbils. We were doing all nice and dandy (Had them about 4-6~ months) 
    SURPRISE. One isn't male. And he.. or she, wasn't fat because they ate a lot... 

    I was cleaning out their cage, which I hadn't gotten to do, in about a week. I decided that even though I am exhausted from a busy day, they needed cleaning. 
    Soo... I started.. I took the gerbils out, put them in a safe area (little play-pen) and they were freaking out. I had no idea why.. I guessed they just weren't happy with me taking them out. I don't know. 

    I started taking bedding (idk what its called in english), and put it in the trashbag. THEN SUDDENLY 

    I realized what it ment, so I went rushing downstairs for my mother, told her that there were babies and I didnt know if I had thrown one of them IN THE TRASHBAG
    She came, held another trashbag and I slowly went through it. 

    There I found 2 pups, and when I went through the remaining stuffing, I found 3 more. So. Now I have 5 baby gerbils AND I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO
    Obviously my gerbil wasn't very happy, and now I know why.. I have never cleaned a cage this fast in my life. 

    - I cleaned it, put back in Carefresh confetti bedding, all their toys (though I took some out, since it was taking space and gerbils werent decided on where to leave the pups), and I put it all together, put pups in, then the parents have been panicking. They're stepping on them, and pushing them over but I think they've collected them all now (Gave them some hay to create a little nest) and they felt so cold when I touched them..

    1.) PLEASE tell me if I should change the bedding, it was the only thing I had in the house and it's 11 at night..

    2.) Should I hold them? Do I leave them completely alone?
    3.) Should I feed different stuff? Right now; I'm feeding them 'Chrisso Gnaver pellets' which is danish.. :S
    4.) WHAT DO I DO, HELP. I wasn't ready to become a grandma at 17.


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    DrStash wrote: »
    WHAT DO I DO, HELP. I wasn't ready to become a grandma at 17.

    Sorry OP, I lolled at this line :pac:
    I have nothing to advise, other than to say to you to sit tight, as there are some regulars here who have a fair idea how to care for gerbils but who aren't around at this hour. I'm guessing that as long as they're with their mother, and warm and snug, they'll be fine until you can get more info.
    Congratulations Granny Stash :D You won't believe how fast time flies before they'll be off to college :pac:

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    There's probably some facebook groups to join that'll have American members awake at this time if you're panicking op.
    I use facebook for my birdy questions all the time.

    DBB you're hilarious :D