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SFDEBRIS Analysis and opinions on star trek! does anyone else follow it?

  • 24-05-2017 5:28pm
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    So im wondering am i the only guy who watches SFDEBRIS 'opinionated look at' star trek episodes and films!

    I found it a while ago during the void since enterprises demise, and JJ Treks beginnings! This isnt an advertisement or anything, sure Youtube is filled with reviews and discussions!

    its just that THIS guy is absolutely HILARIOUS and yet Informative at the same time!!! iv probably watched every star trek review he has done - if you take decent episode he will usually have a great amount of background info on the writers etc - and if you take a TERRIBLE episode - man he totally rips it to shreds! all with research too so its not just a crazy person lampooning bad trek eps

    anyway just wondering am i alone is there any other fans of this? he does non star trek stuff too btw

    if you are checking it out, heres my all time favourites (Voyagers 'Threshold' imho his funniest review) (Next Gens 'Up the long ladder' aka the IRISH one:P:D:pac:) (DS9 'Improbable Cause/The die is cast' - included here cause its a favorite episode of mine and the guy really hits the nail on the head)

    Anyway im just curious, i really enjoy his take on Trek and various other SciFi Franchises -

    NOTE: I havent been on boards recently so if you arent allowed include links, please feel free to snip but i think the post is generally ok!

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