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What alcoholic drink?

  • 22-05-2017 4:20pm
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    Hey I'm 18 (female) and starting to go to nightclubs/bars just wondering what would someone my age usually be drinking when going out thanks!


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    Spirit and mixer would probably be most common but drink what you like (in moderation) rather than deciding based on what everyone else is doing.

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    You could also consider...

    Bottle of lager or cider, pour into glass of ice... that will last longest usually.

    Glass of white wine.

    Bottle of Westcoast cooler or bacardi breezer.

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    I'd suggest trying various drinks at home first to see what you actually like. It's a whole lot cheaper than just paying for whatever everyone else is drinking in the club and you'll be able to decide better for yourself rather than trying to convince yourself you like a particular drink just because it's popular.

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