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Advice on immigration issue

  • 22-05-2017 8:47am
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    Please see below my details and kindly provide any advice / info based on your knowledge.

    I am a non-EU national and married a Latvian national in 2012. I applied and received my permission to stay and work in Ireland (Stamp 4 EUfam) in end of 2012. Before this I was a student in Ireland on stamp 2 since end of 2006.

    Due to personal circumstances my Latvian wife had to keep travelling back to Latvia (roughly 50/50 time in Ireland and Latvia). She had 2 children and she was fighting for their custody from her own mother and she occasionally worked to partly fund the travels etc. These travels caused a strain on our relationship but we were trying to mend it. My wife's family and friends were threatening me and hated me and tried to convince her to leave me.

    In Ireland she was a student from 2012-2013, worked as self-employed in 2014 and since then she just had medical insurance and I was supporting her.

    In June 2016 I received a letter from INIS saying they have information that my wife has not lived in Latvia and the whole marriage was set-up only to get a visa. They said as per the information with them she was working from 2012 to end of 2015 which shows she never resided in Ireland. They demanded her full relationship and immigration history or they would revoke my visa.

    I provided them with the details and reasons as mentioned above and an affidavit from my wife saying the marriage is genuine and she is staying and intends to stay in Ireland but they revoked my visa repeating the same talk about her working in Latvia and this time added that her affidavit does not matter as she had contacted the Latvian authorities herself to say she wanted divorce and the marriage was bad quality.

    After this I contacted 2 solicitors (1 in Ireland and 1 in Latvia).

    1. The Irish solicitor submitted a review appeal and asked INIS to provide the evidence they had. They sent a letter from the Latvian embassy with her work details. The work details showed she had worked for a few days / weeks which in total added to roughly 6 months over the 3 year period till 2015. The letter said that the Embassy had received an email saying the marriage was bad quality and she wanted divorce.

    Upon hearing this my wife visited the Latvian embassy and clarified to them that she hadn't sent that email and that her friends / family might have done this and got an official cert that she is residing in Ireland. They believed her but couldn't help in any other way.

    2. The Latvian solicitor contacted the Latvian court administration and the population register to get official confirmation that my wife never approached them to make a claim about our marriage or to seek a divorce.

    Currently I have submitted my reply that;

    1. INIS claimed my wife worked in Latvia throughout 2012-2015 even mentioning specific dates that were not true and proven to be wrong based on the letter of Latvian embassy.

    2. Latvian authorities (court and population register) confirmed no complaint was ever received and the embassy only mentioned an email, which was countered by my wife using affidavit and a visit to the embassy.

    I applied for the review in November 2016 and have been sending up to date documents since. My wife is still travelling between Latvia and Ireland like before.

    Can you please advise what can I expect in these circumstances?


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    You already have an Irish solicitor and a Latvian solicitor working on your case.

    Legal advice is not given on this forum

    Thread closed.

    Good luck

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