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What's your advice for migrants?

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    What would be your advice to people thinking of moving to New Zealand? How can they best make the transition and what lessons did you learn when you did it? 
    • I totally underestimated the cost of living, and thought X amount of cash would last a LOT longer than it did. 
    • Should have brought way more decent quality clothes with me. 
    • Get out and meet people as soon as possible to start a social network. Join clubs and societies or focus on hobbies and sport you love. 
    • If you have kids try and make friends with other parents
    • Before you leave Ireland, join a frequent flyer program to collect points. Stick with that airline for trips home. Use points for upgrades or flights. 
    • If renting choose your house carefully in terms of insulation, dampness, sunlight etc. 
    Maybe we can all make this thread a very useful resource!


  • Read up on the housing and how terrible the standards are
    Realise that 99% of rentals over here are unfurnished and bring stuff if you can accordingly, ship it all!. Also unlike Ireland, a fridge, washing machine, dryer and freezer are supplied by the tenant

    Consider if it's Auckland or anywhere else you are moving to. Auckland is like Dublin, a big sprawling mess of a city with terrible transport and no soul. And consider your profession in light of this as well. So many roles only have good money in Auckland so you have to face the conundrum.

    The cost of living IMO is cheaper in NZ overall...

  • In fairness, much of what has been posted so far would apply to most places you are moving to.

    Quality of housing ... how much of an issue it is depends on where in the country you are. In Southland or Waiouru, you're going to need to wear more clothing to stay warm in winter. And countries with earthquakes are never going to have the "solid" builds you're used to in Ireland. Wood is just so much more forgiving, and drafts are part of the consequences. And funnily enough, my house does have whitewear supplied by the landlord (me), because the letting agent advised that I'd get better tenants that way.

    Some more advice:

    Slip, slop, slap (avoid melanoma by slipping into a shirt, on with the sunscreen and on with a hat - by comparison Ireland doesn't have sun at all!). Sunglasses also highly recommended.

    Drop, cover hold. (What to do in an earthquake.)

    If it's long or low, then go, go, go. (If you're near a beach immediately after an earthquate.)

    Don't expect Christmas or Easter to make sense. They just don't.

  • Don't expect Christmas or Easter to make sense. They just don't.

    Actually on this, summer Christmas is awesome. Beach, beers and bbq at christmas; can't go wrong!

  • Actually on this, summer Christmas is awesome. Beach, beers and bbq at christmas; can't go wrong!

    I totally agree. And long summer holidays right after Christmas - even better.

    But the chrissy cards with snow / robins, one-horse open sleighs ... and easter eggs in autumn, etc. Crazy stuff

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