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Irish car shows & meets etc

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    Cross posting this from the motors forum, hope thats ok with the mods?

    I seem to have missed some shows/events already for not being on forums or Facebook much lately. Thought it might be a good idea to get a thread going for posting dates of shows?

    I've also thought about setting up a google calendar but not sure how to share it other than by adding people manually with the email.


    I've create a shared google calendar for anyone interested. You can add it by using the following email address: [email protected]
    1. Copy the above email address
    2. Go to your google calendar via your web browser
    3. On the panel on the left click the little arrow to the right of other calendars
    4. Click add a friends calendar
    5. Paste the above email address into the field
    And that should be it.

    It seems like I'm the only one who can edit the calendar, if anyone would like to help me adding dates to the calendar please drop me a pm with your email and I'll setup permissions for you.[/QUOTE]

    --- EDIT ---

    If anyone has any more shows I should add let me know. I'm a little time constrained but trying to add any as/when I hear of them.


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