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Ear plugs..

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    A bit of a strange one.

    I'm wondering if anyone has any advice for me regarding ear plugs.

    I understand those who like the genre like to listen to it loud but heavy metal is like nails on a chalkboard to me and it gets played quite loudly in my workplace on the sound system here.

    I'm looking for an earplug that will block out as much of it as possible.
    If anyone has any experience in such I'd appreciate some advice


  • Not a strange one. More people wear ear plugs at gigs than ever before. Personally, I only use them in band practise but never at gigs or on stage.

    I use the foam ones. You roll them between your fingers and put them inside your ear and they slowly fill out, filling your ear cavity. Things do sound muffled but I can hear the drums and my own instrument fine.

    My drummer swears by the christmas tree style plugs (like these). They don't reduce volume much but they cut out most of the harmful frequencies.

  • Tbf if he has no interest in actually listening to the music the foam ones will probably work best.

    I use the Christmas tree style ones at gigs myself and are good for reducing the volume without effecting the quality of sound to much, but I think they're more expensive and not really what the OP wants!

    Cake, and grief counseling, will be available at the conclusion of the test

  • I forgot to mention I work in a large workshop on a minesite so we have an abundance of both the foam and Christmas style ones in about 4 varieties of each.

    I was hoping there was some professional style ones that might work a bit better or have a distinct filter built in to cut out the most of the shouty-ness

  • If you want to go down the active noise cancelling route, these are pretty amazing

  • Cheers, I'll have a look at them

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  • Have a look at flare audio . com, they are really neat, used to have a set until i lost them in some airport :)

  • You work on a mine site, is that a dangerous/hazardous environment? If you don't like the music, discuss it with someone there. You shouldn't be looking for something noise cancelling because you don't like it. And potentially reduce the chance of you hearing a warning.

  • I have some alpine ones, that come with 3 different filters. Really good as you can choose the level of sound attenuation. I go to reggae gigs with big bass heavy soundsystems and the middle level filter works perfect. They're much better then the foam ones and not too pricey

  • Flare Audio Isolate.

    Excellent and very flat attenuation.

  • I bought the ones off Ticketmaster that u get offered when u buy tickets

    I find they muffle the sound a lot of take away from the show. It could be just me as I'm not used to them. My breathing and crunching if I'm eating seems louder and more noticeable when I have them on

    I'll need them for Slayer in a few weeks ha

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  • Having forgotten to bring any ear protection for Slayer last week my advice is undoubtedly to bring something in future!

    Even a bit of cotton wool* in each ear would offer some protection and helps avoid problems for a day or two afterwards.

    (*I started doing that after my first few gigs years ago and it helped a lot).

  • It must cause the same effect as video recording, I have noticed youtube recordings are better sound quality than being at the venue itself. The worst sound I ever heard was at Manchester Academy 2, it didn't even sound good on video recordings.