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Classic car insurance for Motorbike rider

  • 03-05-2017 1:24pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 timd0907

    Hi Guys, this topic may have been covered recently but I cannot see it in the stream and as Insurance conditions change every other day, I said I would enlist your help.

    The basics are that I am a motorbike rider in Dublin city, with no need of a car for transport. I am however interested in buying a 1970 ford escort as a hobby car and would like to get it insured, as I have to by law.

    Ireland being Ireland, means that my bike which is my main mode of transport, does not satisfy the insurance companies. The want me to have a car insured in my own name as well, before I can get classic insurance on a second car.

    I have called carole nash, First Ireland and FBD, only to be refused. (FBD actually having reasonable rates of around €200, if I had a primary car)

    My question is: Does anybody actually have classic car insurance without having a main car as a separate policy, or do any insurance companies take a motorbike as the main vehicle?

    Sorry for the long message ;) I just cant justify paying €1000+ for insurance on a car that I don't need. And companies wont insure a 47 year old car as my main car....

    Thanks for looking!