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Log Cabin planning query

  • 21-04-2017 1:17pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1 Builderboy

    My partner and I are currently researching and budgeting to hopefully build our own log cabin in Co. Wicklow in the next 12 / 15 months. Right now, we're both looking at land options and researching planning permissions and trying to identify any potential problems with building such a styled house. I have tried asking the council directly but haven't gotten a direct answer. All the council representative said was - "We want our houses to look Irish, the style your building is more Swedish" . I was a little taken back when I heard this if I'm honest.

    I am aware that Wicklow County Council can be difficult to deal with from past reports (partner and her family are all Wicklow natives and have previously built their homes there too) and from my own experiences

    My query is, - Does the council frown upon log cabins being built in the county? Are their specific sites we should be looking at? What are the primary issues the council have with log cabins and how do we over come these?