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Vodafone customer care abismal

  • 14-04-2017 4:30pm
    Registered Users Posts: 643 ✭✭✭ raspberrypi67

    OMG, where to start....?

    Lately I've been absolutely hounded , sometimes twice a day, by vodafone calls , I assume customer care, as I know the number off by heart , I ignore them.
    Well the other day I got a bill ( usual monthly bill is 25euro) for 42 odd euro.
    Looking at my bill it was a strange one, I was billed for 12.90 for no reason, that I knew off.
    Called customer care 1907, this in itself is a goddam nightmare. It took 7 numeric keypad entries , being whirled around the most frustrating tree structures I've ever encountered.
    Eventually, a person.....
    Well, like trying to pull teeth here, not only was it hard to understand her ( foreign I guess!!!) but she seemed as if she just arrived in from Jamaica, no rush, and kept re-iterating ' I'm here to help you with your problem', yet not really understanding my situation....even more frustrating.

    Seems I was billed by some automated txt ad which I still don't fully understand but in a stealth type way, charged me 12 euro plus .
    I was given a number to ring ( 57976 ) Txt nation, whoever they are seems Vodafone know this goes on wholesale.
    They denied all knowledge of this and subsequently gave me another number, how they know this I don't know but tried this other number ( 019038309) which seems to be a rep for a company called
    The guy I talked to here seemed fairly understanding and said he'd put a stop on it. whatever this was....?
    I told him I wanted a complete refund including the vat that Vodafone were going to slap on it also.
    He said it could take 2 weeks!! I then managed to get an email address from the person , this was the only form of communications with this [email protected]
    Initially they refused to have anything to do with it...So I replied with no uncertain terms of going further with this...
    I did get my money back!!!

    I rang Vodafone help care again ....same story with them, 7 numeric entries to get through....then I couldn't here a bloody work the person was saying, the background noise was sooooo bad, I had to hang up...At this stage my impression of vodafone customer care was at a complete low.
    Rang again, my as well have been talking to a robot, held their hands up saying it wasn't a vodafone problem.

    I got absolutely no help and more of an automated human reply from a completely inadequately trained customer support rep. Thick as a plank into the bargin.

    Well Vodafone, I'm ending my time with the vodafone network when my contract is up. Was going to go with vodafone broadband , not any more, they can go **** themselves ...!!!