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seeing America by train

  • 12-04-2017 3:15am
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    I think I would love to see America and Canada by train. I would want to go from theater to theater, by train. How do I get started, who has a favorite route, of story to tell


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    Mod: I believe this is better suited to the Travel forum. Hopefully posters can give you some interesting insights.

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    SOunds like a great idea and trip would love to see if anyone has done this,

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,606 ✭✭✭schemingbohemia is your best starting point

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    I did this many years ago and would highly recommend it. Amtrak did a west deal at the time bit like inter railing. You could buy an open ticket and jump on or off wherever you wanted. Some trains had a glass lounge type carriage which was really cool. Could also get night trains for long journeys and save a nights accomodation seats were comfortable enough to sleep. Orlando to New Orleans through the wetlands was particularlt beautiful.

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    Thanks so much for your insights. I thought this was the travel forum. I am new to this.

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    Here's a blog about travelling around the US by train

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    I though this was the Travel forum?

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    Hi, could you tell me your route. did you travel alone. what was the highlight of your trip? what do you wish you had been able to to. What would you do differently? Just want to get as much info as possible, don't mean to pry. Thanks in advance your response

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    Where are you going to start OP, how long do you have to travel

    What places do you want to visit,

    Train travel in the states is perfectly fine with meals available on the trains, longer routes ​will
    Have couchettes or you could sleep in your chair,

    It'll depend on your budget, comfort requirements

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    I will be starting in Oregon,
    I would like to go to FL or NY
    Not sure what I what to see, would like to hear about what others have seen and enjoyed. and what they wished they had missed.
    That way I have an overview, before I start out.
    I will not be going until after I finish school in spring of 2018. so budget is also up in the air.
    There is alot to see, and with this forums help, maybe I can narrow it down.

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    The series Michael Portillo did on travelling across the US by train seems to be repeated on BBC2 most evenings. It was definitely on last night and Tuesday also.

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    If you're gonna go do it sooner rather then later.Mr Trump has proposed major funding cuts to Amtrak and their long distance trains routes

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    I've done the Empire Builder three times between Seattle and Minneapolis (it goes on to Chicago). Brilliant every time. (My gf is a nervous flyer and her family is in MN, so she takes the train every time she goes back).

    It takes the northern route, through the rockies and then the high plains, the same route Lewis and Clark took. Fascinating. There's a glass topped observation car.

    It takes three days two nights. You really need to have a cabin, they're clean and well kept. The trains are large double deckers and the loos and showers are all downstairs. Clean and well kept too.

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    If you're gonna go do it sooner rather then later.Mr Trump has proposed major funding cuts to Amtrak and their long distance trains routes

    Yes. Long distance routes are under threat.

    Hopefully...trumps budget still has to be passed through congress and his proposed cuts to Amrak will directly effect his republican base, and the republicans in congress who have to vote on those cuts are all up for election next year.

    So hopefully it will only be a reduction in services.