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Is it possible to teach in America with an Irish primary teaching degree?

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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping to start the Primary Teaching & Psychology course in Mary I next September. I did the LC last year and I have enough points for the course but I'm taking a year out to work and save up money for college.
    I'm just wondering, would it be possible to get my degree here in Ireland and then go to work in America? I was born in America but moved to Ireland when I was young so I have dual citizenship. I go back to America regularly and would love to settle there in the future.
    I know that the 4 year course in Mary I alone would not be enough to be a qualified teacher in America. As far as I can see, it's a similar story with the other training colleges in Ireland. I'm really interested in the psychology aspect of this particular degree but would gladly accept another course if it offered international teaching, at the end of the day I've always been very eager to become a teacher as I would love to work with children and can't see anything better than helping kids towards their futures.
    Would it be the case of having to do matriculation exams (for lack of a better term) in the US after the 4 year course? If I do a masters after the course, would it have any bearing?

    Thanks! All help very much appreciated :)