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1st time France Wine Run

  • 31-03-2017 1:20pm
    Registered Users Posts: 126 ✭✭ cupan_tae

    Hi All

    Myself and misses Cupan Tae will be doing a wine run in April. Ferry Rosslare - Cherbourg is booked.

    We are looking to stock up for wedding at the end of the year (we guesstimate 120 bottles required). And we are food\wine lovers so ideally would love to have a bit in stock for home use\consumption (we around 2 bottles per week). Theres also a queue of family eyeing us up already.

    We'll be travelling in a small Van (VW Caddy).

    I'm seeing some conflicting reports on the amount of wine we 'can' bring back. 10 cases vs 'as much as you want/until the suspension is scraping the ground'. It will all be for personal use. Can anyone share their experiences\provide any input ?

    We're looking at for supply.

    I have come accross and independant article here:"


    "If you are planning a wedding or any other party, you can exceed these quantities so long as you can demonstrate at customs that the goods are for your personal use and not for resale. This means that at least one of the people transporting the alcohol will need to be the bride or groom or the person paying for it, the father of the bride for example. You will need to convince the customs officer that the alcohol is for a wedding, so bring any documentation you have related to the big day, perhaps a receipt for the wedding reception. It's also very important to hold on to your receipts as customs may also ask you to prove that the duty and VAT have been paid for."

    Does anyone have any experience of this.

    Cupan Tae


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    90 litres of Wine per person seems to be the allowance, but it also says:
    If your purchases are equivalent to or less than the quantities set out in the table below, they will usually be regarded as being for your personal use. If you exceed these quantities, you may have to demonstrate at Customs that the goods are for your personal use.

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    Documents showing there is a wedding planned have been accepted before for amounts in excess of the personal use guidelines. I offered to let a customs officer arrange an ultrasound of my liver when stopped with over 10 litres of spirits before - entirely for personal consumption (hic).

    The family wanting extra does not change the allowance. You aren't allowed carry for other people.