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Traffic update technology

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    I have just been researching which new sat nav to get and narrowed it down to the TomTom 5200 or the Garmin 50LMT-D. Hard to decide so I had a look at how the Traffic info was delivered. Garmin use the DAB system and it looks like TomTom use the Vodafone 2G phone network so as the DAB coverage in Ireland is poor, it looked like the TomTom would get the business. Then I discovered that the 2G networks around the world are being turned off and the Vodafone UK and Ireland 2G coverage would be turned off in September this year. As the Sim is built into the 5200, I suspect that changing to a new network might be a problem. How can a new product be launched with such a limitation?
    My solution is to use a good Sat Nav which gets the traffic info from my Smart phone which has better future proofing.