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Irish Govt jobs - Teaching abroad

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    I've been lecturing in China for the last 7 years, and something I've noticed is the numbers of university teachers that get paid by their own home governments to "spread culture". They're still teaching languages like the rest of us, but they get paid by both their own government and by the chinese university.

    Does Ireland have anything similar? ;)

    I'm not seeking it myself, just curious.


  • I really doubt that its true. The British council was involved in the attempted spread of culture but is really just a language business now.(I know..language is part of culture). It's only really imperialist countries (US and UK) that want to spread their culture so I doubt if Ireland is attempting to form an empire soon!

  • I find it hard to believe that they are being paid to spread culture. I also worked in China for a while and I've never met so many nutcases who were 'lecturers' in university. Most of them were old, retired with had no teaching credentials other than being native speakers...